Otterbox Defender Case

These are tough cases for your tablet that has a tough life. Your tablet is encapsulated in a polycarbonate (stuff they make bullet proof windows from) casing made of a backing with foam interior for added shock absorbtion, and a front with an integrated screen cover. The design allows for impact forces to be directed away from the completely covered corners (where most covers will fail). It securely clicks together so your tablet is not going to be coming out in a rush. This is then finished with a silicone outer layer for extra shock absorbtion, sealing of the ports providing an element of splash resistance and providing a better grip surface.

The removable front cover provides welcome protection of the screen when the tablet is in transit, and doubles as a stand for the tablet when in use (3 different positions).

Available for the iPad 2/3/4 in black or two tone white and grey.Available for the Galaxy Tab

Please note this product is not waterproof and will not protect from sharp object trauma to the screen with the front cover removed. However you can see what this guy did to his iPad with an Otterbox Defender on it.

Price: ZAR 1,264.00

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