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Energizer XP8000 Battery Extender

Based on the same technology of laptop batteries (lithium polymer), Energizer now supply “Energi to go”, a range of rechargeable batteries that can be used to charge lots of different devices. The XP8000 is aimed at the Netbook market (10″ laptops) although it can also be used for phones, and other electronic products, provided the appropriate charging tip is available.

Like all rechargeable batteries, they do have a lifespan, with the XP8000 rated at upto 500 recharges. It has the latest charge technology to charge safely and has an auto shut off to prevent draining when not in use, being able to last upto 1 year if not used. It has LED status indicators so you know how much charge is left, can give upto 4 hours extra life to a Netbook, and charges in 4 hours.

What is important to remember that this is not an extra battery. This is portable power, as it does not replace your battery, but actually charges the battery in your device. You can even charge your device when it is switched off.

You can get all the techie information on the XP8000 from their website


Price: ZAR 1,156.00

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