auditory perception

Singing Frog

Description: Cute frog in yellow rain jacket, sings ‘Singing in the rain’ with a tapping foot and umbrella dance.
Educational value:Language development, body awareness, visual perceptual (visual motor integration), auditory perception (auditory figure fround, memory)
Normal operation: No longer possible
Modified operation: Activated using any industry standard AAC switch with a 3.5mm audio cable jack.

NOT FOR SALE: “Froggie” as he is affectionately known, was the first toy we ever modified and therefore, for sentimental reasons, is not for sale. Sonja uses him in therapy from time to time and we have left the entry up here for posterity.

Price: ZAR 0.00

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Puss in Boots

Description: Puss in Boots, from the Shrek movies, will try and chat you up with his smooth talking. He can’t resist purring a deep throaty growl if you pat his head.
Educational value:Language development, body awareness, auditory perception (auditory figure fround, memory, auditory motor)
Normal operation: A light sensor in his eye helps him know when you are in front of him. This does not work in low light situations. Or you can pat his head to make him purr.
Modified operation: None required

Price: ZAR 150.00

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Music Mat

Description: Interactive music mat playing the sounds of animals and other music when different symbols are pushed.
Educational value: Language development (vocabulary, comprehension), visual perceptual (figure ground, spacial relationaships), auditory perception (discrimination, memory)
Normal operation: Sounds made when pushing different symbols on mat.
Modified operation: None Required


Price: ZAR 104.00

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