My child can learn

How can Speak 2 Me help my child to learn?

Stop I want to talkEverything in the classroom happens so fast, with so many children and only one teacher. It can all just pass you by if you are not able to shout “Stop! I have a question”, or “Wait! I also want to practise that again.” 

Speak 2 Me, through communication aids, provides your child with the ability to speak up and take control of the learning experience. Not only will your child be able to ask questions, but will also be able to answer questions and discuss with classmates, enhancing their learning and making a positive contribution to the classroom.

Sisizakele - foot writerWe assist your child by preparing their communication aids in a manner that assists learning and communication in a classroom environment. We can also provide a range of curriculum related learning activities, games, songs etc to make learning a little more fun.