Eye control

Eye control, how does it work and why is it so good!

A young man using an eye control system outside

An eye control system uses a  specialised camera to track the movement of your eye. The camera follows your pupil movement from a distance of up to 1 meter. This then transmitted to your computer, where a software program calculates and transfers the coordinates of the area viewed. The camera’s and software used today, are so fast that the mouse pointer moves smoothly across your screen.

Through the eye-control systems, one is able to move the cursor on your screen, left click and right click, thereby acquiring 100% control of your computer.

This might not sound like much to you, but to an AAC user this may be the answer to unlock themselves from their bodies and join society. Once the user has computer access they can get an audible voice, they can use the telephone to communicate, they can access the Internet, they can switch on their TV, they can switch on the aircon and much more.

All of this they can do without any help from anyone else…and that is what counts!

To give you a better idea of what eye control looks like, I have added a couple of interesting videos. Some of then look more at the system and others focus on the person and the independence they gain. I hope that they are of value to you and help you understand eye control a little better.


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