Press Release: Open Mic Night

Open Mic NightWe thought that we ought to release a press statement before the rumours got out of hand. Yes it is true that a number of the Speak2Me toys did leave the premises and attend an Open Mic Night at a local establishment. We have severely reprimanded Cool Monkey for his part in talking all the other toys into it.

The reports that some of the toys were inebriated are completely false. Duckie always looks like that while Dancing Cow just gave her all in her performance, did a stage dive and got knocked out in the process. None of the toys were hurt and the owner of the establishment phoned us to assure us that our toys had behaved well.

Although we do not condone this kind of behaviour we have been led to believe that our toys put on quite a show and were big hits with the locals. Some of the patrons even took videos of the toys doing their stuff and have posted them on YouTube, so we thought we would put them up here.

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