I can talk

How will Speak 2 Me help me talk?

Communicate your dreamsCommunication with one’s family and peers begins from a very young age, and like any other child, an AAC user develops their own “language” of gestures and sounds to communicate their daily needs. Frustration often develops as they try to communicate with people outside of their immediate circle or to deepen their communication with those around them. The limited range of communication techniques quickly run out, leaving them isolated.

Speaking, without saying a wordThere is a growing collection of devices, programs and equipment that when matched to your abilities, will provide you with the ability to communicate beyond your needs to your dreams and desires. Together we will assess your ability and find a solution that lets you interact in a manner that is most suitable to you.

Talking togetherTalking quickly, anywhereVoice production has come a long way with intonation and a choice of voices to suit your personality. Work is also being done to offer other languages not previously available. You can have your own voice!