Seating course at Western Cape Rehab Centre (WCRC)

This is a course for therapists, assistants, nursing staff and doctors. Having just done this course in October. I would recommend it to anyone working with individuals who require any type of wheelchair. It is an extremely well run course that dives straight into the practical application of the theory. Sessions of theory are always backed by practical application, which ranges from physically sitting in wheelchairs and trying them out to feel how the different chairs respond, to working with clients choosing chairs, altering them and seating them appropriately.

Basic Seating Course 2011

Working in AAC myself, I can’t stress enough the importance of obtaining a good position in your wheelchair. Not only does it prevent major complications (such as pressure sores, deformities, lung infections etc), but it is the starting point of all I do, because good seating is the door to good communication. Once the individual is seated correctly it is as though the door has opened.

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