Bash Those Balls

Bash Those Balls

Bash Those Balls Game ViewThe idea is pretty simple, get 10 ball strikes and you win the game. There are 6 balls on the playing field, however each ball has a very possessive  robot car dribbling it all over the place. So bash those balls and if a car gets in the way, just bash them too.

The best part is you are almost invincible. The only way you can lose, is get stuck trying to drive up one of the mountain walls, or if you drive off the end of the world. It was specifically designed for users making use of head or eye control equipment, although mouse users can also have a lot of fun. The big white cross is your mouse position. The only control is left – right movement, everything else is preset, making the game very easily controllable.

Bash Those Balls Game ViewThe program is developed using 3DRad, free game development software. You are welcome to distribute the game as much as you like, provided you do not change it in anyway and that you keep it free. Although we have tried to provide the game bug free, we accept no liability for any problems it may give you, and you download and play it completely at your own risk.

Bash Those Balls - 1m Balls

Bash Those Balls – 1m Balls

There are two versions available, both self extracting archived files. Download the file to where you want to run the files. Double click the file to extract the archive. Double click the BashThoseBalls exe file. The game will start loading and once loaded, will start automatically then just bash those balls.

Bash Those Balls - 3m Balls

Bash Those Balls – 3m Balls

Download BashThoseBalls-1m (7.98MB). The ball diameter is 1m, and is the standard game.

Download BashThoseBalls-3m (7.98MB). The ball diameter is 3m, and makes the balls easier to hit. This version of the game should be used for users who struggle to achieve a small target area.

We would love to hear what you think of the game and any constructive suggestions you have to improve the game. Just leave a comment below. Enjoy.

Latest News: Some Users are experiencing a problem as their PC does not have DirectX, which has to do with the graphics of the game. You get the error message “The file d3dx9_27.DLL was not found”. Please see the Microsoft Article which should resolved the issue. You will have to go for the download option as the file is not included in our download.
Some Users are experiencing a problem as their PC does not have the 2005 C++ runtime version. You get a message something like “The application failed to initialise”. You will have to download and install the 2005 C++ Runtime version from the Microsoft Site.

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